Don't Steal My Sun

May 28, 2009
By Linda Maleh BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Linda Maleh BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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My sun,
Shining brightly,
Just for me.

Every morning,
At the crack of dawn,
It rises,
Slowly, slowly

It's first rays
Shine lightly on my cheek,
Bringing me warmth.
Bringing me life.

It wakes me gently,
So I stir in bed.
Covers ruffle,
Silence again.

And in this golden moment.
My eyes flutter open.
To bring me to life,

It stays with me all day,
Watching over me.
Following my every move,
My sun.

Until late afternoon,
Does my sun stay with me.
It starts to fade from view,
Getting weaker.

It's running away,
Hiding from me.
Getting further.
Getting darker.

Why does it leave me
When I want it to stay?
Need the light,
Need my sun.

It's gone now.
Completely hidden.
Leaving me alone
In the cold dark night.

So I lay there,
In fright.
Fearing the fearful night,
For what feels like forever.

Yet the underlying truth,
The hope remains.
For I know it's coming back to me,
Tomorrow. just for me.

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