where were you?

May 28, 2009
By Anonymous

in his name where were you lord?
when the innocent Jews were being held in hostile and were exterminated,
even though i was never there
i felt there fear and bleached slither sorrow
I've seen Schindler's list and the deadly hells
there it was no heaven's nor a place to be but for the abomination in humans that domain the extraordinary race and views who executed, executed, and executed and they were indeed Executed..
their was no sadness for the soldiers German bodies
their wildest dreams were sufficed in other words...death, torture, and of all evils murderer, the Jews were
force to lie on grounds in front of their own race, forced to be watched
shot one by one...an ooze of blood swarming the darkness of melancholy
such gruesome crimes were being played like a songs melodies..
a deamons melodies and before you know it there own life was to be
it was their sovereignty to control a one another
whipped and shackled by beasts
Jews had no strentgh no backbone to be high to perish back on the enemies
but with their hope
where was jesus?
when all this lied in the face of the earth
why let slaughter be immortal
for only a hate..
but oh lord? just where were you? in his name..they and we called for you
wept to you
died for others
though liberation came 1945..but though where was GOD?..

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