Fight Between Friends!!!!!!!!!!

June 5, 2009
By Anonymous

Ever since the beginning of the earth
People have been fighting and now it is around today
Why do we still do this today?
A fight that shouldn’t be happening
3 friends and one girl
She tries but all that happens is
That they all get upset
She loses; she truly loves to help the others
With a fight between friends
They all lose someone they truly love
In the end of it all
It is hard to see three friends brake up
Now all gone and with one girl in the middle
The girl is with it all
She goes home that night,
Thinking why should this happen
I chose between my friends and the one I love
Under all the pressure she ends up killing she self.
At the funeral they look at one another
With tears down all of their faces they think about what lead to this happening
Forgiving one another they walk home to hope that she will come back.
Know that there is nothing they can do the bring her back the boys promised that they will stay friends because that is what the one they loved wanted one the end
It started as a fight and ended with a death of one girl
But brought three friends together.

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