My brown skin

June 5, 2009
By George Singleton GOLD, Cecil, Alabama
George Singleton GOLD, Cecil, Alabama
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My brown skin, she is like my chocolate turned into gold
Expensive though, but her smile, her walk, and her talk always makes me come back for more
My brown skin, she is like my billboard for advertising
She gets me hooked and leaves me frozen, still mesmerizing
My brown skin, she gives me so much variety
Black, white, purple, blue
Like jungle fever and Spike Lee
My Brown Skin, She keeps me pain free
No aches, no pains
Like several dosages of amphetamines
My Brown Skin, she never reaches her peak of being too adventurous
Just like the Nepalese climbing Mt. Everest
My Brown skin, she is more to love
Like the voluptuous one, all kisses and hugs with a lot of love
She is the one, my soul mate, my blanket, my light, my brown skin

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