The Woodpecker and the Forest

June 5, 2009
By Andrew Sikora BRONZE, Barrhead, Scotland, Other
Andrew Sikora BRONZE, Barrhead, Scotland, Other
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Our life is like a woodpecker and a forrest.

When a woodpecker reaches a tree
it will make the decision
to go around to the left or the right
or stop, perch and rest for a while.
Sometimes they will peck in and make a home.

We are that woodpecker,
every problem we face whether big or small,
is just another tree, bush or plant to the bird.
We must not dwell on these problems,
we must decide whether to avoid the problem
and go around it,
or to embrace it,perch on it or even peck in and make home.

Some problems unfortunately
hurt if we try and rest on them.
A woodpecker does reach a thorn bush
once in a while.
But it does not fall to the ground and nurse it sore feet
it simply flies on
in the hope his next problem will be more welcoming
to his enthusiasm.

We must choose the right way,
around these thorn bushes,
and judge for our selves,
whether going round one way,
will lead to another thorn bush,
or a clearing with no trees at all.

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