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I’d love to be a dreamer,
Cradling the azure sky;
Twirling coloured streamers,
Thrusting all inhibitions up high.

But then people speak of war-torn places,
-Hushed-up disgraces-
It incarnadines the perfect lie.
We start realize reality is inequality;
It is the elite juxtaposed with
The streets of poverty-stricken disparity.

In the silence of night
-Why is it so annoyingly quiet?-
Comfortably situated in an alcove of blankets
-Why is it so cold outside?-
Frustrated by the annoyances of the day
-What is wrong with the world?-
Stop and

Surrounded by the deafening inkiness of the night,
Sheltered by flimsy cardboard,
Alone and without any support,
(Hungry and scared and human too)
Are those who long for silence;
And those who dream of warmth.

Embrace racial individuality;
Raze barriers which cleave people apart.
Recognize that wealth is an arbitrary
Measure of self-worth.
If the mere flutter of a butterfly’s wings can
Cause a tornado elsewhere,
Then imagine what a difference you could make
If you took the time.

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