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June 4, 2009
By Matt Manning BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Matt Manning BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I am from farm animals and spinning pots.// From inchworms and boats that sink.// I am from vanilla wafers and the N64.// From show and tell and the lost pieces.// I am from a lazy dog and puppy love.// From tons of legos and loud Labor Day parades.// I am from the blue bubble and computer class.// From action figures playing out their lives,// Locked in green bins and replaced.

I am from Wing Zero and the shark books.// From cops and robbers with new friends.// I am from homemade board games and shifting alliances.// From the Olympics and a pair of falling buildings.// Both teaching their lessons in retrospect.// I am from spinning tops and ADD.// From summer and beautiful mountains.// My fondest memories tucked safely in the scrapbook.

I am from hyperactive air conditioning and a first crush.// From lunchtime card games and green thumbs.// I am from black belts and the jazz band.// From old friends that return, and new challenges that arise.// I am from horrible fights and traumatic separations.// From mentors and so many, many miles.// The mosaic of my life showing a different, more realistic picture.

Cupid's arrows and tomorrow's heroes,// Both played out on puppet strings.// The imperfect jigsaw puzzle struggles to fit together.// Her broken pieces containing thoughts, fantasies, and musings.// Endings and beginnings running into an uncertain future,// Wondering what their fate will be.

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