What I'm From

June 4, 2009
By pete hemming BRONZE, Southplainfield, New Jersey
pete hemming BRONZE, Southplainfield, New Jersey
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I am from Italy and Ireland
From many parts of Jersey
I am from pool stores and teachers
From games with kids from neighborhood
I am from pools and sports
From beaches and mountairns
I am from big family dinners
From summer days spent with friends
I am from broken arms
From many kinds of injuries

I am from Italian cooking
From Christmas nights and parties
I am from vacations with family
From games with family and friends
I am from tweaty brird
From many family dinners
I am from my grandma's personality
From little toys and colorful tables

I am from go dog go
From many schools
I am from alot of great vacations
From two cruises
I am from many pets
From playful dogs to lazy cats

I am from cake and cookies
From rugrats and rocketpower
I am from grandma's Italian sauce
From good friends
I am from many places

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