June 4, 2009
By Jillian Scott SILVER, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Jillian Scott SILVER, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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“every good artist
paints what he is.”

a scent of anticipation
lifts from the canvas
blanketed with integral
pathways of paint.
each synapse -
vital to the next.
colors bleed
into patterns like
crimson on cement;
“number 8, 1949.”
yellow weaves through
muted grays
with trepidation;
“number 1, 1949.”
pressed against lips;
smoke streams upward,
evanescent ghost
tracing thought
and happenstance
from that catacomb of
by pigment that floods
each crevice of his palm and
the interlacing threads of
paint drying on the canvas;
solidifying a dream.

“it is all
a big game
of construction”

The author's comments:
This poem is a product of my creative writing class. The assignment was The American Dream. My poem is based upon a famous photograph from Life magazine of the the influentail, american painter, Jackson Pollock. The poem is a narration of this photograph and Pollock's pieces that I've observed as well as a reflection on the opportunities Americans have to change their circumstances if they so choose. My closing lines are a quote from Jackson Pollock. Just as Pollock constructed each canvas into artwork, Americans can construct and invent themselves.

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