Call Me The Scarecrow

June 4, 2009
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I've been walking around in someone else's skin
that I borrowed for the weekend and forgot to give back
so I just carry it around
hoping to run into whoever it belongs to
because the longer I wear it
the more I become it
someone I never used to be
and I can't decide if I should just embrace it
this new version of myself
or who I could maybe be
or if I should cast it off
cast it all off
and put my old skin back on
after all this is what I asked for
adventure and complications and excitement
so now that I have it
do I really want it
or do I want my old life of sheltered comfort back
safe and sound
in my hermit hideaway
I can’t seem to decide which path to take
call me the scarecrow
pointing every which way
but never able to make a single decision on my own
because who am I kidding?
I don’t have a brain anymore
I left it in my other skin.

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