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June 4, 2009
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No on prop 8 equals no to hate. How can we discriminate? Against our own?

We should not have to fret

We are not in the time of Romeo and Juliet

How can someone tell you that you cannot marry the one you love?

Love, love, love, HATE

How can we discriminate?

God created mankind equal:

Brother, sister, mother, son, daughter, father, black, white, brown, orange, tall, fat, short, skinny, gay, straight, stupid, or great, how can we discriminate?

And what ever happened to separation of church and state?

Just because it’s written somewhere gay marriage is wrong,

Just because some religion preaches gay marriage is wrong,

Wrong, wrong, wrong, RIGHT.

This nation was built on rights. Right?

How can we take away someone’s rights?

Strip them of their rights, right, right, written in the Bill of Rights,

The right to pursue happiness,

The right of freedom of choice,

The right to liberty, liberty, liberty, liberate people of this HATE

Don’t discriminate. just. because. gays. aren’t. straight.

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