Mirrored Love

June 3, 2009
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Love on some occasions
is mirrored.
Your mind comes
up with a lie.
But not a regular lie
that that you tell someone,
but a lie of a person.

Your mind makes up
an illusion of someone,
your perfect someone.
The person you want to be
with for the rest of your life.
The person who will
always love you,
care for you,
and be the person to wipe
away your tears.
But the love is being mirrored.

You’re seeing what you
want to see.
You’re seeing what
your mind what’s to believe
is real.
But that person isn’t
Real love is something
you can’t describe.

But with your eyes open,
you may be able
to find that perfect person
even with their flaws.
That person won’t be mirrored,
that person won’t be a lie,
nor an illusion.
It will be reality,
and real love.
Your reality will be real love.

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