A boy and a girl

June 3, 2009
A boy and a girl
Both so young
Never knew what was to come
Laughing and smiling
Throughout the years
From best friends to boy and girlfriend
Their love grew
Married with children
Happy young parents
Stayed faithful throughout the years
Joy never left their lives
But then one day
The silver lining disappeared
The tears finally shed
As they lay him into a dirt bed
He would never see light
She would never hold him
First love and only love
That day was her last
When he left she left
Still alive but dead in a way
Then came the day
That she couldn’t take it anymore
Her family knew
That when he left her smile left forever too
So she drove as fast as she could
To the grave
Drew her blade
And cut her hand
She wept that night
Until the light came
She walked into it
And with her first smile in a year
The girl greeted the boy

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Katie.T. said...
Aug. 5, 2009 at 11:52 pm
Excellent poem! Sad but great about "true love." I really liked it!
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