June 3, 2009
By Ifeelliketacos BRONZE, Troy, Illinois
Ifeelliketacos BRONZE, Troy, Illinois
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Heartbreak is black like an endless nightmare and also like a cold, slow death.

It digs in my chest like a painful disease. This disease has no cure. It does not bleed, it does not feel pain, and most of all, it does not love.

It will never stop.

It makes me feel like there is no tomorrow, as if I have no chance to make it through the night.
When my future does not succeed, my changes are not made, I am not known, i did not make the world a better place. My destiny is set to a dark fate.

It makes me wish I didn't make the choices I made.

The author's comments:
My 7th grade teacher assigned a poem. She handed us a layout worksheet... (i ended up changing about 75% of the worksheet lay out into my own words)

This was my first real poem, and once it was done, i showed my teacher.
She told me that i had some real talent. And once we were assigned the next poem, and again i showed my teacher. She held me after class that day. and showed me how to enter my peotry online!=D hah!

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