June 3, 2009
By Thomas Mendoza BRONZE, Woodburn, Oregon
Thomas Mendoza BRONZE, Woodburn, Oregon
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First Love

You can find the person you love
Sometimes you could find them at first sight
But other times you won’t
To be in love you have to feel it
Some people don’t feel it
They just say they are
When they really don’t know
Love comes from you heart
Some people sometimes get obsessed
You could tell when you’re in love
You feel al happy inside
You’re having a great time
You could also tell when you’re not
You don’t look happy
Or it won’t seem like you are
Looking for love is good
But be with someone
That you really like a lot


Love is a good thing
Be happy with who your with
She will care for you

I Love You

You say I love you
You say you will always care
Then it all goes will

Love Not Explainable

You can’t explain love
It’s what you feel in you’re heart
But it feels good


I want you to care
I want you to say I love you
Just say I will care

Let Me Love You

Just let me love you
I want you to know how much
I really love you


I hear all these songs
And they remind me of you
Always on my mind

On My Mind

You are always on my mind
Cause I’m always thinking of you
And I never stopped to think about any thing else
Cause you got me falling for you
And I need to know if you like me
Because I cant take my eyes of you
You got me felling like I never ever felt before
And saying things that just aint like me
Sometimes I can’t sleep
Cause you’re always on my mind
But one day it was good
Cause you were finally mine
But I still cant stop thinking of you
Cause your so pretty
I want you to be mine for ever
And please don’t let go
Cause it will make me cry
I need you a lot
Cause you were finally mine
I love you more than you could ever imagine

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