So Nice

June 2, 2009
By if.i.had.eyes. SILVER, Plainwell, Michigan
if.i.had.eyes. SILVER, Plainwell, Michigan
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On fire.

Seems a little melodramatic but that's how it feels.

Hot, sticky, skin peeling away.
Falling to pieces.
Bones and charred heart lay open in a pile.

But I don't burn away.
I continue burning.
Set ablaze by a passing breeze or whisper.
Soothed by nothing, I smolder on.
Forever suffering in the hell I helped create.
Lighting matches every now and then and letting them carelessly drop on to my kerosine soaked sense of self.

Merciless like a wildfire.
Angry like a bonfire of love letters and romance novels.
Endlessly burning.
All consuming.
Waxing over my plastic aquintances, reducing them to their true form.
The most beautiful turned inside out to show the bead of evil nestled in their greedy stomachs.

Purge the betrayal! The neverending dissapointment!

I see those bold lines in every face.
Brazen confidence in my enduring love and faithfullness.
Dragged by the neck through the mud and bile and tears.
Expected to smile at their passing and laugh at their jokes.
If not,
I'll be struck down,
and wrenched back up by my hair to receive another blow.

Oh, she's so nice.
Always willing to listen to anything you might want to say.
So nice.
So nice.

So nice.

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