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June 2, 2009
By Kitsune BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Kitsune BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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I was one, and everyone was happy,
You and mom were delighted that you finally had a girl,
After two sons
While everyone was happy.

I was two, and things were starting to become strained,
Not that I noticed,
At that age, all I cared about was exploring every nook and cranny of our house,
While thing started to become strained.

I was three, and you two no longer slept in the same bed,
You started to glare at each other,
Exchanging petty insults,
While you no longer slept in the same bed.

I was four, and those glares and insults evolved,
Turning into harsh shouting matches,
Tearful yelling,
While those glares and insults evolved.

I was five, and it was over,
Mom took us to Gram's house,
And you went to your girlfriend's house,
While it was over.

I was six, and you remarried,
To woman several years older than you,
With a mean personality she hid from the world,
While you remarried.

I was seven, and it happened,
She had three grown children,
And didn't want children anymore,
While it happened.

I was eight, and it started,
The weekend visits faded into every other weekend,
Every month,
While it started.

I was nine, and she had him,
My beautiful baby brother,
Irony at it's best,
While she had him.

I was ten, and I tried,
To stay in contact with you,
Prompt more visits,
While I tried.

I was eleven, and I moved,
To a new state fifteen hundred miles away,
And you didn't call,
While I moved.

I was twelve, and it hit me,
That you didn't care,
Not anymore,
While it hit me.

I was thirteen, and I came back,
And you called, bragging about my baby brother,
Not because you remembered my birthday three days ago,
While I came back.

I was fourteen, and it was the last time I saw,
At my oldest's brother's birthday,
You took us to lunch,
While it was the last time I saw you.

I was fifteen, and I died,
The accident and emergency room,
And you were two busy with your new family and business,
While I died.

The author's comments:
To my oh so wonderful father. May he get everything that he deserves.

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