May 31, 2009
The lights go off, I can’t here a sound,
Yet I know there’s people, all around,
They call my name and speak to me,
But all I think is, “ why can’t I see?”,
All the spirits that haunt my past,
Have come for me, to take me at last,
I try to run, but something blocks,
I can’t open the doors, they’re all locked,
My heart starts pounding, and starts to race,
I’m going faster, their keeping pace,
I start to panic, and start to cry,
All that’s there, has made me lie,
All my mistakes, and my regrets,
All my pain, I can’t forget,
I start to fall, I’m going down,
They’re closing in, they’re all around,
But then you came, you took me away,
I look at you, but can’t see your face,
Then the darkness starts to fade,
But when it left, I was awake.

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Fangz said...
Jun. 16, 2009 at 12:27 pm
Nightmare much?
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