The Secret Life of Helga Johnston

May 28, 2009
By Anna Gebis BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
Anna Gebis BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
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The Secret Life of Helga Johnstone

She drops the 300-pound weight
And grabs the clear cold water bottle
Making sure to hydrate.
The competition was coming up,
And Helga wanted to win.
The loud techno music is booms,
She walks past the bright green walls
To go get the rest of her belongings
Waving and smiling at all of the regulars.

Driving home, the windows down, and music blasting
She thinks about her last competition
How no one was there.
She tried to shake the thought out of her head.
The smell of fresh cut grass filled her nostrils
It was as green as the Chicago River on St. Patrick’s Day
She puts her Black Durango into park,
And makes her way into her condo.

Kasper the kitten welcomes her home.
Helga slips off her gym shoes,
And takes a soapy shower.
She makes herself a nutritious dinner
Thinking again about the upcoming competition.
She sees her reflection in the dark marble countertop.
She sees her weary eyes, her fake smile, and her dark brown eyes
Her loneliness is painful and depressing.
She wants someone to care. But for now,
She just has her needles.

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