A Shadow With out A Body.

May 27, 2009
By Anonymous

you think you know me.
think you know how i feel;
my favorite color might be teal.
this makes me cry. cry a lot.
something you would not care about.
I'm a normal person. someone who has feelings.
when you call me those names,
i show no emotion.
i just sit back, and take it without motion.
when you call me those names...
deep inside, is where i die.
and late at night, thats when i cry.
so you dont hear, or dont see a tear.
late at nights when i think.
i think bad thoughts, that would should never be sought.
its not my faut. not mine at all.
i think when no one is around.
for obvious reasons, that don't need to be pronounced.
it doesnt matter what i think.
what i do what i say.
its all wrong, never right.
should i live or die tonight!
You wouldn't care.
not one bit.
to see me die, you wouldn't even twitch.
so, now you know the reasons, why.
so, please stop calling me those names,
in which, make me cry.

The author's comments:
i want you to enjoy what i put into this poem, even if it isn't all that happy! thank you.

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