My Dear Friend

May 27, 2009
You stood by my side

Through the pain,

And the lies.

You never questioned

Why, silent, I was.

Or why I did not like them (people).

You already knew.

You did not judge

My character.

If I was happy,

That, you were.

You knew when I was

Feeling down…

Every time,

You’d come around.

You comforted me.

The only one,

Who loved me dear…

The only one,

I would let hear…

The contents of my heart.

Now you’re gone….

Although it pains me

That you are not here,

Although I’m on

The verge of tears,

I know it will be alright.

I thank you for

The love and more,

The friendship that we shared.

My dear friend,

Until the end,

I will cherish your friendship forever.

I know we’ll meet

Another day,

I know we’ll be together.

Until that time,

I will miss you so…
My dearest dearest


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