Song of Myself

May 27, 2009
By Colleen Fitzgerald BRONZE, Chillicothe, Ohio
Colleen Fitzgerald BRONZE, Chillicothe, Ohio
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I sing this song of myself
Letting people inside
Finally displaying my real self

I am outgoing
I am a dreamer
I am constantly a hiker in the forest,
Lost for direction,
Not knowing where to turn next.

I am a dreamer of the past,
Sitting and staring at the world
Letting my thoughts roam the world freely.

I struggle to understand myself,
For there is so much more to me.
My heart beats with the
Pulse of this earth,
Keeping time with the hustle
And bustle of this lively world.

In my wonders,
I often question our creation.
Wondering if maybe a higher power
Really does exist.
Then going back to my beliefs and experience,
Knowing one does. God.

I have a way with words,
Often expressing myself in ways others cannot.
The heart, the soul, and me are
Tangled up in every word I speak.
I speak from the heart, of the heart.

Even with my heart I get lost,
Becoming that lost hiker once again.
I never seem to know how I really feel,
For it changes with the wind.

That hiker is shaken,
She’s confused for her map
Has taken her in circles.
She doesn’t know where to go,
Or what to expect next.
She never know what’s she’s doing.

Over thinking, making silly mistakes
This hiker just needs guidance,
For she’s lost in this forest of herself.

If I could change something,
I would get rid of the
Lost feeling, feeling like I’m clueless.
Not knowing where the next turn is gonna take me.

This song of myself,
Though I have put everything I know into it,
For I have thought and thought,
Revised and edited,
I have this as my final.

Me, the lost hiker,
Still searching for hope,
Searching for answers
In this huge world.

The author's comments:
this is a school assignment, but my peers gave me such amazing feedback i figured i would try to get it published

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