broken heart

May 27, 2009
By Anonymous

today you're here, the next your gone i guess all the things i said about you was wrong. i thought you, was the one, i turly did and i still can't get over things you said, you lied to me hurt me you caused me so much pain, now the only way i can hide my tears is in the rain yu were at one moment and now your gone, how could everything i thought you were be so wrong, you never loved me you really never cared all the things you told me was just lies but they can be spared, you broke my heart into a million pieces and for what reason? every kiss every smile every moment wew shared now i know that you truly never cared i meant nothing to you neither did i love you, you hurt me bad i hope you see how much damage you have done to me

The author's comments:
this poem was writen by a friend and me it expain who my love life is its messed up i thought my ex bf brian was the one but i was wrong he hurt me so much i some times cry all night just cuz i still loove him and he hates me its so sad he new when we started to that i had a broken heart not form an ex cuz he was my first boy friend but from and a friend that i lost and i couldn't get him back well a did in the end but at that time i couldnt and now everything is messed up and this poems sayes everything

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