Paint my dreams

May 27, 2009
By Ashley Dalzell BRONZE, Lincoln, Alabama
Ashley Dalzell BRONZE, Lincoln, Alabama
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Paint my dreams in blood.
Use the blood pouring from my wrist.
Know that your the reason for all this.
My misery is your fault.
You used me, abused me, and brought me down.
Nothing can save me now.
It's over.
I hope you remember what you did to me.
I hope my death haunts you everyday.
Everytime you close your eyes, I hope you see my face.
My cold dark eyes glaring at you.
I thought you would be good for me.
Maybe you could help me forget the past.
But I was wrong.
So very wrong.
That night was the last night I would live like this.
You made it clear that no one could care about me.
Could love me.
You took my hope and crushed it.
So goodbye.
Goodbye to all those times I cried myself to sleep.
Goodnight to seeing the pleasure in your eyes as I lay bruised and broken on the floor.
Goodbye to the worthless feeling I got whenever I was with you.

The author's comments:
Something that i felt at the time doesnt mean i actually did what i wrote in this poem

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