A Guide Forever By Thy Side

May 27, 2009
By Kristen Starkowski BRONZE, Marlborough, Connecticut
Kristen Starkowski BRONZE, Marlborough, Connecticut
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“Come to the edge He said. They said, we are afraid. Come to the edge He said. They came. He pushed them, and they flew.”
-Guillaume Apollinaire -

“A Guide Forever by Thy Side”

When the storms of life brew,
Look through thine eyes anew.
Never doth faith linger,
For He is always at thy finger.
Thou must believe He will come hither,
For only He hath the power to direct whither.

He will come to prithee durst,
For then thy troubles will be traversed.
For He wrought ye,
And doth thus beseech thou to see,
Beyond thy grief,
Fulsome with belief.

Affix thy wings and take flight,
Those which He provided to free thee from blight.
Rise above abyss,
And trow with bliss, for He is always beside thee.
Whence, He will guide,
Never leaving thy side,
Developing thine wings in time.

When the storms thrust thee to the edge,
Thou must allege,
To give Him thy trust,
And to adjust;
To the obstacles He directs thy way,
For He hath not left thee astray.

Only then wilt connected thou be,
To the holiness He hath offered thee.
For He gave thou the faith to fly,
And transcend a life that hath gone awry.
Through a perspective that is renewed,
And rooted in the faith that He hath imbued.

Through faith, answers to the most pressing questions wilt appear,
As He hath been able to hear,
Prayers that have been besought,
And answers hath He thought.
With the strength to fly He hath brought,
Relief to those who had naught.

Thou art His Son,
And from His lessons thou shall not run.
For escapeth them canst thee,
And in time thou will see,
By running thou hath misunderstood,
For the deterrent was wrought for thine good.

So count thy blessings and thy burdens as one,
For He hath directed them to thee, as thou art His Son.
Giveth He to thee so thou can fly,
Because with faith thou will sour high.
Explore the worlds He hath opened to thee,
For it is His intention to guarantee,
That when one hath exhibited faith that is great,
His flight shall not long await.

Let thy spirit lead,
For it is free of greed.
And inside it is He,
Who hath the power to set free,
Thou mind from fear,
And provideth an ear,
In which thy worries wilt be spoken,
And thine eyes awoken;
A new perspective formed,
One of Heaven which He hath transformed.

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