May 26, 2009
By Lamia BRONZE, Buford, Georgia
Lamia BRONZE, Buford, Georgia
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What a word it is, describing happiness or sorrow.
This word is always being borrowed.
When we use it to describe our shock, wow is attached to our words.
Even to look at people being all dressed up or acting like nerds.
Although in this world, our wow can come from pain or grief
Somebody may have someone to lose more unfortunate than when you are robbed by a thief.
From birthdays to awkward feelings are random ways of surprise.
Sometimes our wows are said because of many told lies.
You may think, fellow reader, that wow is only supposed to be good.
But know this: It can also bring sadness; yes, it could.
A puppy or a pet dying will bring tears of wows and pain.
You don’t know if tomorrow will come or not as it may end your life, so there is no gain.
As you gaze out the window and think about the sunset, it is obviously a great show!
But you may not see it rise tomorrow…

The author's comments:
I entered this poem for this "Reflections" contest and won first place. I was a finalist, and this piece of work was put up in an exhibit. Hope you all enjoy it!

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