Day in the Bay

May 26, 2009
By Marena Cole BRONZE, Newton, Massachusetts
Marena Cole BRONZE, Newton, Massachusetts
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Swish! go the oars in the clear, blue ocean.
As you make your way out to the far-off mooring,
Nothing fills your mind but summer’s tranquil notion.

A bow-to-starboard bump! abruptly ends your oaring.
Next tie up the skiff, tug the mainsail halyard high—
So begins a new adventure, assured to not be boring.

And then, to be free! Flying, sails raised up to the sky,
Listen to the fizzing hiss of the water left behind,
The gentle slap-slap of the waves, smoothly rocking either side.

When on the open ocean, there are few secrets to find —
When the world is really panoramic, a 360 degree view,
The horizon can hide little, stretched out and opened wide.

You return, as the day itself begins to grow tired, too,
And slowly, after this day-long voyage at sea.
Night falls and stars twinkle, appearing few by few.

The author's comments:
I've been sailing with my family my whole life, and this describes my typical day out on the ocean.

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