Inconvenient Love

May 26, 2009
By Katarina Savic BRONZE, Park Ridge, Illinois
Katarina Savic BRONZE, Park Ridge, Illinois
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Is this an inconvenient love?
For it is time that
I should
Love another.
Yet I cannot hide underneath
These thoughts I’ve failed to smother.
Does it make me immoral?
If in my mind sometimes your names intertwine
I dare not mutter.
If I dream of past false loves,
Stronger than thee and thine
Would you my love believe?
If I said you are the apple of my eye
And does that mean my peripheral vision
For him
Has gone blind?
Perhaps this is an untimely lust,
An almost forgotten one.
Lost in routine in the arms of my other and in your eye I see
We could be the most complementary of lovers.
But what to do when lost in confusion?
I feel like I’ve lost my mind committing moral crimes,
Muttering parallel lines and it’s caused my complete

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