No more me as your pet

May 26, 2009

Stuck in my head,
The sound of your voice,
Somehow you use me,
Like an old worn out toy.
I’ve tried to break free,
For so long I’ve cried,
You see what you do,
I’ve given the clues.
The things that you’ve done,
The things that you led.
All of the lies,
With you at the head.
You ruined my life,
But I shall stay strong.
I will not stop, Stumble nor crawl.
I’m done with the sadness,
I’m over the grief ,I’m over the loss
Of my father you see. You are now,
A mere image in my past,
A picture that I will never forget,
But it’s the things you’ve done
The things of pure threat
And now no more me as your pet.

The author's comments:
I am speaking of my father, he was not the best and I am FINALLY over his abuse.

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