Porcelain Lives

May 26, 2009
By bandmusic101 PLATINUM, Meadville, Pennsylvania
bandmusic101 PLATINUM, Meadville, Pennsylvania
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Love and lies
Statics to you
Alive and well
Go on without being noticed

A girl of shameful actions
Depression on her mind
One story to end tragically
One girl and her struggle

Words spoken over dinner
Ending with slamming of bedroom doors
A mothers anger, a daughters tears
A fathers attempt to keep his family together

Day and night
Fights that only end badly
Locked doors and loud music
A girl and her only escape

Throw downs and let downs
Hatred and destruction
Her life is turned upside down
By her very own parents

For only a couple hours
She is isolated at home
Her parents left for a night out
Bad intentions and humiliating memories fill her mind

Alone in a house with temptation
Curiosity can kill a soul
Pills and razors are her fate
Cold showers and tears show the pain

A car door slams outside the forlorn house
She scrambles to her feet in the dark bathroom
Failing and falling back to the ground
Blood staining the floor, shame filling the air

She was bleeding on the bathroom floor
Hiding her face in her shaking hands
Blood-stained razors and empty pill bottles
Emergency vehicles on the way

Phone calls are made
Conversations are spoken
Options limited down for her
Diagnosis is made, depression the name

Doctors and medications
A rehab for the mentally unstable
She has let her parents down
Truth of loneliness slowly creeps upon her

A memory of the good old days
Plays out in her desperate mind
With nothing left to say
Confessions soon fade away

Body and soul
Separated by a 1000 lies
Fear of what the future may hold
Tonight and every night she cries herself to sleep

Her porcelain life was broken
Shattered to the core
With nowhere left to go
She did the only thing she knew

Thousands are like her
Thousands go untreated
For many they hit rock bottom
Many never know the difference

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