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May 25, 2009
By xo.simone BRONZE, Hamtramck, Michigan
xo.simone BRONZE, Hamtramck, Michigan
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My writing is Michigan’s weather; you don’t know what to expect.
My thoughts flow like the wind as it blows, on a fall day.
My writing also changes motion,
Like a green leaf turning brown and falling from the branches,
That one gave it life.
One by one my thoughts come together.

Listen to my words, as you listen to the wind blow
A sweet melody.
Sometimes my writing spins my mind like a whirl wind
My thoughts tinkle my soul, like the rain falling on
Rose buds that blossom into beautiful roses
On a spring day.

My writing burns your soul with intensity.
As you read my writing your on edge wondering,
What shall happen next.
Like a sunny day that turns into rain, that’s the best.
You feel the thoughts that flow through my mind,
Like the sun shining down a summer day.
Feel the sizzling passion, that fills your heart as you read,
The words of summer time.

My mind cools down, and the thoughts come slowly,
Like the snow that grizzles on a winter day.
Sometimes it’s as deep as snow.
My thoughts sometimes freeze,
Like the tip of an iceberg on a snowy day.

My writing has many ups and downs, you might say,
I am a poet filled with beautiful clear thoughts.
That rhyme and flow.
My writing makes you sad, happy and even excited.
I widen your horizon with thoughts,
That change like season to season comes
Spring, summer, fall and winter.
This is my writing Michigan’s weather.
Explore the diversity.

The author's comments:
This was a class assignment, (:

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This article has 4 comments.

on Jun. 3 2009 at 12:16 am
this is really good. i didnt really pay attention to it long ago when you read it to the class. sorry no offense but i really should have. great poem .

Aiyash said...
on May. 31 2009 at 10:36 pm
its really nice and its from the heart there is many meanings to this poem and very well written

rukeih said...
on May. 31 2009 at 8:51 pm
Cute peom Simone.

Haha. Dude that rhymes.

Lmao. Awesome Peom.

on May. 31 2009 at 3:15 pm
i love this, i love in michigan and it does seem like the weather here, is what you describe (:

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