The Day I Learned to Fly

May 23, 2009
By Poetryscribler45 SILVER, Washington, District Of Columbia
Poetryscribler45 SILVER, Washington, District Of Columbia
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A flying bird in the sky
stopped to tell me a secret
the secret to fly
what I need to know
At the edge of a cliff
not far from the edge
i wait for the secret
I see the rust red earth
the sand, the harsh rocks of the desert
I hear the wind racing against itself through the canyon
The wind as the bird wispers in my ear

A soft chime of sounds flow all around
The few trees bend and sway
stroking the ground with their branches
rocks roll all around

I walk to the edge
feel the wind and leap
feeling the trusting air
lift me up
carry me away to the clouds
soft and white
feeling the burning sun on my face
then back to the earth
and then I touched the ground
I landed on my feet
That was the day
the day I learned to fly

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