The Hole between the Pebbles

May 23, 2009
By caitlin pitcher BRONZE, Whitefish, Montana
caitlin pitcher BRONZE, Whitefish, Montana
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The Hole between the pebbles

Approaching the wall, it looks like a giant
Arms reaching across the countryside,
And height like that of the sky

There is no way around its great lengths
The wall if forever planted.
The wall is permanent in its place

The purpose seems clear
To keep people out
To keep me out

The texture is rough and edgy
Its surface is made of big boulders and small pebbles
Perfectly put together by a greater power

Water caresses the surface
Slipping and sliding down each crevice
Creating tiny pools of clear liquid at the bottom

I can feel the mist of the waterfalls touching my cheeks
It’s cold and soft
I breathe it in and enjoy its wonders

I find a peephole perfectly placed between two pebbles
I look through it and hold my breath
A hill, lumpy and green, was waiting for me

On top of the lush hill
A windy, inviting trail climbs its surface
Leading to something magical

The magic was in the form of a carnival.
Flashing lights and smiling faces filled its interior
The perfect display of happiness

The old Iron Gate that gave entry to the carnival read,
“Free entry” in big bold lettering
All are welcome…

Suddenly, the carnival halts
Everybody inside stops to face me
Mocking me with their joy

Their eyes are filled with hatred
And a coy smile touches their faces
I am not invited

I am alone behind the giant wall
Left to stand behind the boulders and pebbles
Left to sip the water dripping between the crevices

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