Momma's Boy

May 19, 2009
By Anonymous

To love a child is to care, and adore one
To posses love that has no limitation
With the ups and downs you still see the love cannot be undone
You seek a place to let go, but can’t find a destination

Love from a mom to her son is first-class from morning to night
An untouchable bond that keeps on shining o so bright
Not having to seek for affection
Having not only love but the time and attention

You engage with a role model and a best friend
Someone who is looked up to, from day one to the very end
Having a place of comfort but within a human being
Two love beating hearts that are corresponding

She knows me more than even I can recall
Her love is the most indelicate of all
Her love seems young
She gives him a love that seems unbreakable and long

She holds me like the sweetest fruit
He is a flower and her love is the root
Her love so gentle yet so strong
Always makes him feel like he belongs

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