Lost Now Found

May 6, 2009
By daysha gullick BRONZE, Sceneryhill, Pennsylvania
daysha gullick BRONZE, Sceneryhill, Pennsylvania
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Lose youself in your own mind,
Think within and you will find,
There is a greater way to change,
Although at first you may feel astanged,
Let the past lay at rest,
Put right now to the test,
Think about how you used to miss out,
Now your doing things you used to dream about,
Live your dreams and make them true,
Just remember whatever you do,
That to yourself you stay forever true,
Set a goal of pure ambition,
Pray everyday and start the ignition,
For you are incharge of this great new life,
Steer your mind away from past strife,
Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal,
Stay on top, don't slip, keep control,
Then you will find yourself a little higher,
Maybe then, you yourself, will inspire.

The author's comments:
It is important for us to give up the past to move on. Especially if we have experienced abuse, hate, etc. Stay true to yourself, don't give up and believe. To believe in change is so important in this day and age. Never give up no matter who you are you are worth a million prayers. I have lived a hard life, I am not going to get into detail because my past doesn't matter, but now I am a college student and making straight A's. I never had anyone to be proud of me, but now, I am proud of myself.I hope this inspires many.

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