Reasons why I don't get out of bed

May 22, 2009
By chelsea aiss SILVER, New City, New York
chelsea aiss SILVER, New City, New York
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When my Spongebob alarm clock goes off at 6 am
It’s like a rooster waking me up on the farm,
Thoughts all run through my head
Of why I just don’t want to get up this morn’

There’s a pile of clothes stalked next to my bed
I’m afraid of a spider crawling on my head
My cat meows because she needs her litter-box cleaned
I just found a rip in my brand new jeans

Putting on makeup takes too much time,
Especially when I blink and get mascara under my eyes
There’s no way I can eat a balanced breakfast
So I pop two waffles in the toaster and what next?

The thing I hate most about getting up early
Is getting to school late and getting yelled at by Mrs. Shirley,
“Who do you think you are coming in so late?!”
I sink in my seat and try to look straight

So this is the reason why I just want to sleep
And get around all the commotion and grief.

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