May 21, 2009
By Crownless_Again BRONZE, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Crownless_Again BRONZE, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
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They throw pebbles in the lake
Then turn and leave;
Not staying to watch the wake
Of the chaos they weave.
They’ve moved on to other things.
They’ve left us with our dreams.

Ripples spreading outward,
Sweeping away all.
Their damage uncensored
As the rest fall.
They have no regard for us.
They grind us into dust.

The few unions we can find,
They try to sever.
Wielding the daggers of the blind,
Destroying “forever”.
Their reality is our hell,
Their silence, our wishing well.

Their entrance to my life was graced
By a threat to a future.
My dreamers were obsolete
In the face of this nameless entity.

Leave me here to die
Bleeding out my dream.

The bloodless battles scarred me deeper
Than any blade held by their hands.
I live my life now, knowing
The permanent bond can be cut.

A push off a cliff starts a fall.
Yet the pusher is already at the bottom.

Fight me to my face, you coward.
Vulture, circling overhead.

It is not just you and your prey.
Victory at the cost of fear.

They play their game of chess
Without seeing the enemy’s queen.
They play with our lives
Just by going between.
They drive the stake in further
With blind hammer swings.
They are advocates of chaos
Yet not knowing what they bring.

Leave me here to die
Bleeding out my dream.

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