Shadows In The Light

May 21, 2009
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In the back,
we tend to stay.
At home in a pack,
classmate know no what in us lay.

They see no claws,
or know our wrath.
Don't understand our laws,
or our path.

Who would ever think,
that the girl in black.
Is not meek,
but only feels at home in a pack.

Could you see her,
in truest.
Wearing a coat of fur,
fighting for each moment.

Or the boy you are told,
rarely speaks.
Could be a creature of old,
Corner him an he won't be weak.

I can not say,
If he will have fur or wing.
But were one creature usually lays,
many in him sing.

But here in class,
we are like any other.
Breakable as glass,
until you hurt a sister or brother.

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