The Game

May 21, 2009
By RibonHead BRONZE, Levittown PA, Pennsylvania
RibonHead BRONZE, Levittown PA, Pennsylvania
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She has not been shot

and yet she dies

She says, 'nothing's wrong'

and yet she cries

She has not been cut

and yet she bleeds

She has not been kicked

and yet she falls to her knees

She has not been struck

and yet she bruises

In playing the game

theres a good chance of losing

When so much has been given

you expect to recieve

To be told you are loved

its what the heart needs

The first cut is the deepest

or so she's been told

When the heart is given away

for someone else to hold

She gets it back in pieces

and hangs her head in shame

And yet she continues to play

leaving fate to the game

The author's comments:
This poem was inspired by my own experience in a mentally violent breakup with my first love.

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