A Black Womens' Struggle

May 21, 2009
By Elisha Buckingham SILVER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Elisha Buckingham SILVER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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You always complain

"Why you so negative, why is everything to blame"
You always have something to say
as if I don't have the right
or entitlement to my pain
like I don't suffer
as you have suffered
or feel pain as you have felt pain
you always complain

Why is it that I can never have a moment of clarity
when I sit back and look at all the wrong that's been done to me
why is it that when I open my mouth
to speak of the wrong doings of the fellow man or the one you call your brother
that I am ridiculed
and shunned at the very essence of my approach

why do you grow tired of what's been done to me
as if no one has ever done you wrong.

why is it a problem for me to express the agony within my soul?

why must you always complain?

Why do you complain when it is I who brought you life

carried you in my womb for close to a year

when it is I who provides the love and care

the one you run to when you realize how hard the world truly is

who cradles you in my arms with a warm embrace
just to give you strength for another day
and yet you forget

forget how long I have suffered
how long I have fought

been here from the very start
the backbone of all communities
the mother of all of humanity
and yet
you complain.

For far too long I have let my name be a symbol of weakness
and not of strength.
For far too long I have tolerated injustice.
For far to long I have cried tears of sorrow.
For far to long

You complain when I love you unconditionally
You grow tired of the love that is here inside of me
You run from commitment and I am forced to make up for your absence
You shun emotion
because your afraid of weakness
and yet you - still - need - me.

We have cooked and cleaned
And taken care of you.
Far to long our character has been degraded

This may be a mans world
But it took a woman to raise that man
So I ask you
Why do you complain?

She has been Silenced for far to long
You should pride yourself on her struggle
For you wouldn't be the man you are today
If it weren't for that women who raised you
Loved you
Or bore you children
Supported you
Took care of you
And stood by you

The author's comments:
This poem was inspired by Black History month, and a video called "A Black Womens Smile."

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