I'm From All Around

May 21, 2009
By Carly Ney SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
Carly Ney SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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I am from shoes, from Nike and Addidas.
I am from the messy shoe closet, see if you can try and find me.
I am from the lily pad, the plant that floats on water.
I am from the table full of food and laughter, from Meagan and Greg and Tom.
I am from the loud, obnoxious and hardhead family.
From don’t watch too much TV or your brain will rot, and don’t jump on the bed!
I am from where eating meat on a Sundays is a must.
I’m from Italy, manicotti and cannolis. From the small kitchen where the aroma of pastries dominates, flour clouds the air, and my grandma shouting answers to The Match Game on the GSN.
I am from snapshots of a million memories.
Each one of them has their own story to tell.
They never fad in time, and everyone is cherished.

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