So Long, No Goodbye.

May 21, 2009
By MayiaLynn,<3 BRONZE, Warren, Michigan
MayiaLynn,<3 BRONZE, Warren, Michigan
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I called you the day you left.
I called you the day after that.
I remember sitting on the slide, and thinking “wow, that was amazing" as we slid down.
I remember sitting on the swings, and going so high, it was as if we were just birds in the sky.
Elementary was great...Until you left.

2nd to 3rd grade was the best years. I remember coming back from the hospital, and you were the first to give me a hug, "Mariha!” was all I heard, before you hugged me. I felt so good.
3rd was even better, cause you in my class. But, then you told me that this was your last year in Michigan. I went home that day, and told my mom I was moving to Virginia or Nevada, whichever state it was that you moved to.

I now sit on the same swings that used to hold you and me, and look up to the sky and think once again, “Where the hell did I find a friend like you.” Then I would smile and look at the empty swing next to me…I swear I can see you sitting there, but as soon as I go to hug you, you disappear.

I don’t know if you’re dead of alive, I don’t even know if you remember me…but, I completely remember you, and I miss you dearly.
Jesse, remember, smile. Be Happy.<3

The author's comments:
This was about my friend Jesse. He was with me from 2nd to 3rd grade, and then he moved in the summer before 4th grade, and it was really hard for to accept the fact that he was actually leaving...and im still haveing trouble with that almost 5 years later.

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