You Alone

May 22, 2009
As I slowly walked beside you
Each step creeping closer to you
Out feet sinking into the mushy grass
Radiant stars fill the mystic night sky

My gaze is slowly met by yours
Your perfect hazel eyes capturing my heart
A breeze begins to tousle our hair
All I can see is you, and your flawless smile

Your hand slowly slips into mine
For the very first time
My face lights up like the evening skies sun
My stomach begins to flutter with butterflies

Your free hand softly brushing my arm
Sending shivers up my spine
You pull me close to you
Slowly wrapping your arms tightly around me

My head, gently rested on your shoulder
We stand there in a perfect moment
My heart singing out to you
That night, only a little over a year ago

Changed my purpose for living
I’ve been yours, as you’ve been mine
You’re still mine, as I’m still yours
You, you alone, gave me the happiest day of my life

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dreamer_believer said...
Aug. 4, 2009 at 9:41 pm! i like the four stanza the best. this is a great article :) i love it!! would you mind checking out some of my work?
SilverDawn said...
Jun. 22, 2009 at 4:45 pm
wow, i really like your wording. the memory sounds so beautiful. i like the line "Radiant stars fill the mystic night sky" the best. good work! (:
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