Lil' Wayne's World

May 21, 2009
By Kevin Aquino SILVER, Mt. Prospect, Illinois
Kevin Aquino SILVER, Mt. Prospect, Illinois
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Welcome to my world
I’m about to send you into a twirl
I make music all day long
Even about Michael Phelps hitting a bong
My dread locks flow all the way to the ground
My life just goes round and round
I know you want to lick the wrapper
And that I am the sickest rapper
I may be a short man
But no one else can do it like I can
I roll with bigger thugs than you do
And I make sure they are stronger than you too
My rides are so great
They cost more than your house times eight
I never have trouble finding a woman
I am like a modern day Harry Truman
You better not doubt my skills
Because I am paying your girl’s bills
I grew up living with the Birdman
And I’m telling you that’s the word man
I make music with Young Jeezy
Man, you better not call me easy
I have won so many awards
I don’t even need any more rewards
You can call me the greatest rapper alive
Then I will let you see me at my concert live
Don’t forget the name Lil’ Wayne
Because I am like a Great Dane

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