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May 20, 2009
By Slade Gibbs BRONZE, Satellite Beach, Florida
Slade Gibbs BRONZE, Satellite Beach, Florida
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Would you like to see that you finally have my attention?
Or hear that every little tasty morsel of ­wasted time
Tastes just like that song we used to shout ­together out the window
Of your little truck you never quite learned ­to drive?
Besotted by the autumnal compass rose ­sticking out
Underneath the maps and atlases hiding atop shelves
Smitten with the recklessness of dusty ­mornings
Ringing of starry cantabile nights enticing our waking fingers
“Just let the cerulean wrap itself inside you”
And all of a sudden we were coughing out the blues.
Pure majesty, a theater of all we coruscate, pure majesty
A vision of lucid dreams coming into fruition just like us
Just like we did when we finally learned to grow up
Or when Chaos turned his head down and told the scurrying,
“Just you wait and see everything you'll ­become
I won't do a thing but watch the shadows fall
And you will wish for redemption and I will bow down
And say no.”

When the hyson halos ringing 'round the gutters
Stop to shine, silence themselves – wait and see
For once the illumination of the little worlds
The insignificant becoming worthy of a furtive glance
If even for an instant, once that stops
Then where will all our underpaid thoughts that
Maybe there is more than we let ourselves see go?
The inescapable, ineffable realities that in the dark there is a light
If only we so choose to mellifluously stop and stare
Lest the world be thrust into darkness.
If you've anymore tears left, prepare to shed them now.

The author's comments:
Basically just about the beauty in everything, even the grime and how people should be who they really are- beautiful. The last line is a little prod at Shakespeare

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