Smothered Ash

May 20, 2009
By Trey Griffith BRONZE, Massena, New York
Trey Griffith BRONZE, Massena, New York
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All alone and forgotten,
Who am I?
Doesn't matter, no one cares
Who am I?
Don't ask,I'm anightmare unraveling

The shadows are my home
Living there all alone
Heart and soul wasting away
Shutting the doors, no more sway
Hiding my soul, forever

A cold wind smothering my fire
My love
The cold wind has a name
Hate, and he's winning, stealing
My fire, my warmth
He hardens my soul and
Feels no remorse

I fear it is too late
To rekindle a fire almost spent
I wonder where my love went
Did I lock it behind closed doors?
Doesn't matter, the key was destroyed
To save myself the trouble
Of enduring all the pain and suffering

The author's comments:
This piece was originally about a guy that my ex girlfriend almost left me for. The emotion i felt after that happened bled out on paper in the form of words. Now due to a recent english project, its a poem about vietnam.

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