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May 20, 2009
By JonnehTsunami BRONZE, Harmonsburg, Pennsylvania
JonnehTsunami BRONZE, Harmonsburg, Pennsylvania
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Pandora's Box of Lies

Given openly in hopes of joy
Taken in by so called love
A forbidden realm of mystery
Clouded by misjudgment
Blinded were my experienced eyes
Nothing left but the cold embrace
Am I dead
Am I alive
Reluctantly I move
A mindless puppet at your whim
My life thrown into Hell's Gate
Dreams shattered into tiny shards
Life has no meaning
Am I dead
Am I alive
Craving to see the contents
All I find are lies
I blame the box of Pandora
Mystery turns to history
Love turns to hate
Happiness turns to sadness
Am I dead
Am I alive
My heart broken
Taken by
Left inside
Pandora's Box of Lies

Embrace Slumber

The slowing of your heart
Peacefully, calmly and seducing
It comes and goes now
Do you not feel its grasp
It holds you close with such force
Nothing can stop its unique cause
Lay your heavy head down
Prepare the journey all around
As the sky loses its tint
It starts to show its shade
Feel the cold embrace
Sleep has come as fate

Rise Everyone

A chilling touch
A clouded mind
See a walking figure
Is it my time
No it will not be
Rise to the occasion
Rise to your fame
Rise to life and its impulses
The dark figure has come
What do you do
What must we do
You wasted your life
Never done a single thing
But no
We rise to the occasion
Rise to your fame
Rise to all who out us down
Nothing is holding you back now

The Lost Ones

Listen to the world
What do you hear
Do you hear
Voices of the lost
Vocies of the fallen
Voices of the hated
They cry out for help
Cry out for happiness
Cry out for a reason
Ever wonder why
You shunned them
Ignored them
Tortured them
So all that was left
Was an empty shell to hide in
They are ridicluded dispite how they try
They need your help
So lend a hand
Repent your ways
Open your arms
Before it is to late
These souls need help
The souls of the silent
Souls of the damned
The souls of the suicides

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