under the starz

May 20, 2009
I see stars. EverYtiMe we Kiss, I feel WanTed
UndeR the StaRs.
But weN we Argue, my face just turns and I Feel haunted.
UndeR thE StaRs
It feels like I'm getting hit with DaRts.
Under The Stars
When u hug me, I feel like ouR hearts are one
& I feel like I won ur heart ToNiiGHT.
Under The StaRs
WheN we looked at the stars,
All I saw was Two moons, an elcipse perhapes.
Under the stars
But I was wrong! The other1 was like right in my face, I heard a voice.
Under the Stars
It was ur white Skin..omG!..you looked so bright.
Under the stars!
Wen u hold my hand I can't understand
Under the StaRs
The love I have fo' U
Under the StaRs
Do u want2 love me?
Under the Stars
Or do u allready?
Under the Stars
is this love?
Under the Stars
When u lay on Me, I could see how much u love me.
Under the StarS
U can't be scared to do thinGs,
Under the Stars
Bcus I would be here to Hold ur hanDs
Under The Stars
I would hold u so tight,
Under tHe StaRs
Face turns blue,
Under the Stars
Then u burst into the Stars.
Under the Stars
I really like this girl
Under the StaRs
I neva told her b4,
Therefore I'm writing this to help her see
That all she need is me If u ever get lost u could find me in the Stars

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