Porch View

May 20, 2009
By Anonymous

Swinging slowly by my sidewalk on the porch,
I watch as the world whiles away
Around me.
Watching a blonde head travel across the top of my hedges.
Crunching and grinding sound of training wheels
Arriving long before the sight of her.
Watching minutes perish, the sun gets pushed
Out of the sky. More minutes die,
And now the clouds are crying,
Their grief plummeting, hastening speed towards the earth
To come crashing down on uncaring souls,
Treated like a cardboard-messaged beggar-
Quicken footsteps, glance away, look down-
Umbrellas are popped open, a force field
Reflecting the sadness, pushing it aside without a hug of comfort,
A small smile of understanding.
Watching the mother rush her children home
Where she can, God willing, rest her feet
After hours and hours as the tired waitress.
The rest-she does her best-parenting,
And caring, and understanding.
I watch from my porch, my observatory,
The sun, it sleeps, and finally, as do I.

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