Inner Demon

May 20, 2009
By Urborg BRONZE, Coloma, Michigan
Urborg BRONZE, Coloma, Michigan
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The Shadow.
It stalks my mind.
Destroying my inner being.
Rending, tearing, obliterating, consuming,
The last of my humanity.
It hurts.
It screams and it screams,
And is fed by my pain.
Such constant pain.
I cannot sleep for fear of seeing it.
I cannot eat for fear of feeding it.
I cannot bleed, for fear of seeing Its blood.
It wants out.
It wants to destroy.
A caged beast is what I am.
A demon is what resides in me.
Everyday is a fight for control.
And I am losing slowly.
So slowly.
Such convulsions of agony I have.
But it hurts us both.
It has become me, and I It,
Yet we are not the same.
I am of shadow, as It is of hell.
Both spawned of hate, formed of fear and battle.
We are chaos incarnate.
It is my shadow as I am Its.
We walk together each day.
And hate.
We hate the pain of the world, and of each other.
So we fight it as we fight each other.
One day, the pain shall die.
And as a phoenix from flames,
A new hellion will arise from my ashes.

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